corporate-business ACTIVITIES FIELD: Throughout every step of the development and construction process, we work closely with our clients:

•New building and repairs of under pressure mechanical installations (Vmax = 500 mc, Pmax = 200 bar, Tmax = -65 ÷ +750 ˚C);

•Repairs of steam boilers (Qmax = 30 t; pmax = 25 bar) and pipes (Dmax = 500 mm, Pmax = 140 bar, Tmax = -50 ÷ 450 ˚C);

•General overhaul on petrochemical installations and crude oil processing;


  Manufacturing and repairs for:

•offshore drilling equipment spare parts;
•under pressure metallic equipments (boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels for any grade of pressure, temperature, agents)
•shell rings for petrochemical tanks;


  New buildings and Ship repairs activities (no ISO certified):

•manufacture and installation of pipes in cargo tanks, ballast tanks and engine room;
•manufacture and installation of deck equipments (bollards, manholes, ladders, stairs, rails, doors, hatches, covers)
•checking and recondition of shaft line, propeller, engine room;
•Metallic construction activities (industrial halls, civil constructions, metallic containers, beam cranes)